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Lung Cancer Resources

Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support, and Education (ALCASE)
Telephone: 800-298-2436 or 360-696-2436
Fax: 360-699-1944
E-mail: info@alcase.org
Internet: www.alcase.org

ALCASE offers many services specifically designed to meet the needs of people living with lung cancer and their loved ones. Services include the Phone Buddies Program (a peer-to-peer support program), Spirit and Breath (a quarterly newsletter), patient education materials, and lung cancer awareness materials

Cancer News: Lung Cancer Information
Internet: www.cancernews.com/category.asp?cat=12
Cancer News on the Net® is dedicated to bringing patients and their families the latest news and information on cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention. This is a free service.

Internet: www.iaround.org
Non-profit organization working to create a lung cancer resource guide so patients and caregivers can get the critical yet sufficient resources quickly, easily, and achieve the best possible outcome.

Lung Cancer Caring Ambassadors Program (LCCAP)
Telephone: 770-393-0739
Internet: www.lungcancercap.org
The Lung Cancer Caring Ambassadors Program is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting people facing the challenges of living with lung cancer and their loved ones. The organization offers support and information. LCCAP believes in the power of people working together to help one another.

Lung Cancer Information Library
Internet: www.meds.com/lung/lunginfo.html
This site offers an electronic library of educational materials on lung cancer for health care professionals and patients. It also has links to many Internet sites containing useful information about lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Online
Internet: www.lungcanceronline.org
Lung Cancer Online is an Internet-based clearinghouse for information about lung cancer created by a lung cancer survivor. The site is a gateway to lung cancer resources that is intended to facilitate the time consuming and often-frustrating process of learning about lung cancer, treatment options, and support services.

National Comprehensive Cancer Network Lung Cancer Treatment Guidelines
nternet: www.nccn.org/patient_gls/_english/_lung/index.htm
The NCCN site contains information about the function of the lungs, types of lung cancer, lung cancer stages, and a glossary of medical terms. One feature of the site takes you through an interactive treatment decision tree based on your stage of disease and other specific circumstances.

New York Times, Women’s Health: Lung Cancer
Internet: www.nytimes.com/specials/women/whome/lung_cancer.html
The New York Times sponsors this site, which contains information on lung cancer and women's health including links to other useful sites.

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