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Health Care Resources

American Association for Respiratory Care
Internet: www.aarc.org/index.html
The American Association for Respiratory Care is a professional organization for respiratory therapists. Their site has information on respiratory care and related issues along with health tips for patients with respiratory problems.

American Board of Medical Specialties
Telephone: 866-275-2267 (866-ASK-ABMS)
Internet: www.abms.org
The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) is an organization of 24 approved medical specialty boards. The intent of certification is to provide assurance to the public that those certified by an ABMS Member Board have successfully completed an approved training program and an evaluation process assessing their ability to provide quality patient care in the specialty. The Official ABMS Directory of Board Certified Medical Specialists is a directory of ABMS specialists and is available at most public libraries. You can find out a doctor's board certification status by calling ABMS or checking the online Internet site at www.abms.org/login.asp. This is a free service but requires registration.

The American College of Surgeons (ACOS)
Telephone: 312-202-5000
Internet: www.facs.org
The American College of Surgeons (ACOS) is a professional organization of surgeons dedicated to improving the care of surgical patients and to safeguarding standards of care in an optimal and ethical practice environment. ACOS accredits over 1,400 cancer programs at hospitals and other treatment centers in the United States. The ACOS Internet site provides a searchable database of these programs at www.facs.org.

American Heart and Lung Institute
Internet: gek.best.vwh.net
This is a privately owned site. Medical information is provided on a variety of topics including small cell and non-small cell lung cancer.

American Lung Association (ALA)
Telephone: 800-LUNG-USA (800-586-4872)
Internet: www.lungusa.org
ALA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of lung health and the eradication of lung disease.

American Medical Association (AMA)
Telephone: 312-464-5000
Internet: www.ama-assn.org
The (AMA) is a voluntary membership organization of physicians in the U.S. The AMA offers a free physician locator on their Internet site at www.ama-assn.org/aps/amahg.htm.
The AMA database of physicians contains basic professional information on nearly all licensed physicians in the U.S.

City of Hope Medical Center
Internet: www.cityofhope.org
City of Hope Medical Center is an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center; the site has information on clinical trials, supportive care, and cancer treatments.

Internet: www.helpingpatients.org
Helping Patients.org is sponsored by 48 member pharmaceutical companies to help qualified patients gain access to prescription assistance programs.

Hospice Education Institute
Telephone: 800-331-1620 or 207-255-8800
Internet: www.hospiceworld.org
The Hospice Education Institute is an independent, nonprofit organization serving the public and health care professionals with information and education about the many facets of caring for the dying and the bereaved. The Institute helps people obtain information about good hospice and palliative care, gives referrals to hospices and palliative care organizations, and provides counsel regarding care for the dying and the bereaved.

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)
Telephone: 630-792-5800
Internet: http://www.jcaho.org
JCAHO is an independent organization that inspects hospitals and other health care facilities to ensure they meet specific quality standards defined by JCAHO. Participation in JCAHO is voluntary, but most large health care institutions participate in this quality assurance program. Access lists of JCAHO-accredited organizations at

National Asian Women's Health Organization (NAWHO)
Telephone: 415-989-9747
Internet: www.nawho.org
NAWHO was founded in 1993 to achieve health equity for Asian Americans. NAWHO is working to improve the health status of Asian American women and families through research, education, leadership, and public policy programs. Resources are available in English, Cantonese, Laotian, Vietnamese, and Korean.

National Association for Home Care and Hospice
Telephone: 202-547-7424
Internet: www.nahc.org
The National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) is a national trade association representing the interests and concerns of home care agencies, hospices, home care aide organizations, and medical equipment suppliers. The Consumer Information section of the Internet site at www.nahc.org/Consumer/coninfo.html has information about home care services and finding a provider for these services.

National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA)
Telephone: 800-896-3650 or 301-942-6430
Internet: www.nfcacares.org
NFCA provides education, support, respite care, and advocacy for caregivers. Support groups are available.

National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization (formerly National Hospice Organization)
Telephone: 800-658-8898 or 703-243-5900
Internet: www.nho.org
The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) provides information about hospice and palliative care. The Internet site allows you to search for providers online, or will give referrals via the toll-free information line.

National Institute of Mental Health
Internet: www.nimh.nih.gov
The National Institute of Mental Health is part of the National Institutes of Health, the federal government's agency for mental health research. The site provides information about mental health and illness, allows visitors to order publication, and has a list of links to other resources.

University of California at San Francisco, Department of Thoracic Surgery
Sponsored by the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center, Department of Thoracic Surgery, the site contains basic information lung structure and functions, and lung surgery. Information is also available about clinical trials, lung cancer awareness, and smoking cessation.

Visiting Nurse Association of America
Telephone: 617-737-3200
Internet: www.vnaa.org
The Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) is a national, nonprofit association for community-based home health organizations known as visiting nurse associations (VNAs). VNAA provides information on all aspects of home health care including general nursing, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, social services, home health aide and homemaker services, nutritional counseling; and hospice care. The VNAA Internet site allows users to search for VNAs in their area at www.vnaa.org/vnaa/Searches/SearchByMap.aspx.

Well Spouse Foundation
Telephone: 800-838-0879 or 212-644-1241
Internet: www.wellspouse.org
Well Spouse is a national, nonprofit organization that gives support to wives, husbands, and partners of the chronically ill and/or disabled. Well Spouse also works to make health care professionals and the general public aware of the great difficulties caregivers face every day. The foundation operates support groups throughout the U.S. Check the Internet site at www.wellspouse.org/support.html to check for a Well Spouse support group in your area.

Wellness Community
Telephone: 888-793-WELL (888-793-9355) or 513-421-7111
Internet: www.thewellnesscommunity.org
The Wellness Community (TWC) is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free emotional support, education, and hope for people with cancer and their loved ones. Through participation in professionally led support groups, educational workshops, and mind/body programs, people affected by cancer can learn vital skills to regain control, reduce feelings of isolation, and restore hope - regardless of the stage of disease. There are 20 Wellness Community facilities nationwide in additional to online support groups.

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