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With Every Breath:
A Lung Cancer Guidebook

Complete Guidebook
(496 pages, 13.4MB)


All files are in PDF format Adobe® Reader® is required to read or download

Introductory Pages, Table of Contents, Dedication, Preface, Prologue,
Introduction and Table of Contents
(12 pages, 286KB)

Chapter 1: Lungs and Respiratory System  (9 pages, 3.2MB)

Chapter 2: Understanding Cancer (7 pages, 1.85MB)

Chapter 3: Lung Cancer Overview (16 pages, 979KB)

Chapter 4: Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Staging (25 pages, 1.56MB)

Chapter 5: Lung Cancer Treatment Overview (26 pages, 937KB)

Chapter 6: Treatment for Small Cell Lung Cancer (14 pages, 557KB)

Chapter 7: Treatment for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (28 pages, 1.32MB)

Chapter 8: Clinical Trials (15 pages, 170KB)

Chapter 9: Living With Lung Cancer (23 pages, 225KB)

Chapter 10: Supportive Care (50 pages, 660KB)

Chapter 11: Complementary Healing (44 pages, 650KB)

Chapter 12: Nutrition and Lung Cancer (29 pages, 285KB)

Chapter 13: Managing Your Health Care (40 pages, 356KB)

Chapter 14: Health Insurance, Work and Financial Matters (34 pages, 291KB)

Chapter 15: Planning for the Future (23 pages, 243KB)

Chemotherapy Side Effect Profiles  (12 pages, 216KB)

Resource Directory (51 pages, 438KB)

Glossary (20 pages, 179KB)

Literature Citations (18 pages, 255KB)


Special thanks to Nucleus Medical Media for use of the graphic images in the text.

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